Syria Daily: SDF Arrests Two ISIS Commanders

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

a. Regime-held Territory

Regime forces from Division 4 raided the neighborhoods of Al Nakhla and Al Shayyah in the city of Dara. Soldiers looted houses and opened fire on civilians wounding two.

In Damascus, the fuel crisis is still increasing. On Tuesday, it was reported that the price of Mazot soared to 2300 Syrian pound for one liter. Transport fares also soared by 25.

b. HTS-held Northwest Syria (Idlib, Western Hama, Northern Latakia, western Aleppo)

Russian warplanes conducted eight air strikes on the area between Kbaini in northern Latakia and Sarmania village in Western Hama. Regime forces fired heavy artillery on villages in Jabal Al Zawya mountain in Idlib. There were no reports of casualties.

c. Turkish Influence Territory (Afrin, Azaz, Al Bab, Jarablus, Tal Abyad, Ras Al Ayn)

Opposition news agency North Press reported substantial increase in house rent in the city of Azaz in the north of Aleppo. The agency added that the price hike is affecting IDPs in particular who can hardly find enough income to buy necessities of life. The population of Azaz is estimated at 250 thousand people, most of them are IDPs.

d. SDF-held Northeast Syria (Most of Raqqa and Hasaka, part of Deir Ezzor, parts of Aleppo: Manbij, Ayn Al Arab\Kobani, Tal Rifa’at.)

Violence erupted between two tribes in the Al Jirzi area in the east of Deir Ezzor. One citizen was reported killed.

e. ISIS Update

SDF, with support from the International Coalition warplanes, arrested an Iraqi commander in ISIS in the village of Al Zirr in Deir Ezzor. SDF also arrested a Syrian commander of ISIS in another operation in the same area.

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