Four Civilians Killed in Turkish Shelling in Raqqa

A. General Syria News

The pan-Arab newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat said in a report on Wednesday that democratic and republican lawmakers are mounting pressures on the Biden administration to act to stop the regime’s and Russia’s escalation in Dara. Congressmen called on holding the Assad regime and his backers, Russia and Iran, responsible for their crimes in Syria.

B. Regime-held Territory

Damascus: The AQ-affiliated Hurras Al Din faction claimed responsibility for the explosion that targeted a bus carrying elements of the regime’s Republican Guard corpse on Wednesday morning in Qadsayya town near Damascus. The group said in a statement it conducted the attack in revenge for Dara. The regime’s news agency SANA said the explosion happened due to an electricity problem inside the bus, adding that the bus driver died and three soldiers were wounded.

Dara: The Fourth Division in the regime’s army shelled Dara city with tanks and mortars. Clashes were reported between rebel elements and the regime forces in the eastern parts of the city.

Hama: Nabel Al Abdalla, the commander of the local pro-regime militia in the city of Suqeylbya in the west of Hama accused the regime of being biased by cutting electricity off on his city and keeping it on in the Alawite villages in Sahl Al Ghab valley in the same area. Suqeylya is a Christian city and Al Abdalla is famous for committing war crimes in defense of the regime in his area.

C. HTS-held Northwest Syria (Idlib, Western Hama, Northern Latakia, western Aleppo)

HTS arrested a media activist from Tanftanaz in Idlib for his criticism of the interim government on Facebook.
On the other hand, regime forces shelled rebel-held villages in Jabal Al Zawyah Mountain in the south of Idlib. The shelling left damage in the infrastructure.

D. SDF-held Northeast Syria (Most of Raqqa and Hasaka, part of Deir Ezzor, parts of Aleppo: Manbij, Ayn Al Arab\Kobani, Tal Rifa’at.)

Four members of the same family were reported killed in a Turkish artillery shelling that targeted their home in the village of Al Safawiya village in Ayn Issa in the north of Raqqa. Three of the victims are children. The parents were severely wounded.

On the other hand, upon an agreement reached with the Russian forces, SDF started providing regime-held villages in Dibsi Afnan area in the west of Raqqa with electricity. According to the agreement, SDF shall provide a bigger area that includes west of Raqqa and east of Aleppo.

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