Syria Daily:Russia and Turkey Conduct Joint Patrol in Hasaka

Thursday, August 12, 2021

A. Regime-held Territory

Dara: Rebel elements attacked the regime’s positions inside the city of Nawa in the west of Dara. Similar attack took place in the city of Jasem in the northern countryside of the province. There were no reports of casualties.

Latakia: Local residents in the city of Jabla cut major roads and protested against the regime’s mechanism for distributing bread through smart card. The residents were complaining that they ran out of bread as the amounts they received were not enough and the card wasn’t permitting them to have more.

B. HTS-held Northwest Syria (Idlib, Western Hama, Northern Latakia, western Aleppo)

Aleppo: Regime forces fired heavy artillery on the village of Kafr Ta’al in western Aleppo. There was big damage in infrastructure.

Idlib: One child was killed on Wednesday in a landmine explosion when he was picking up figs in the village of Al Bara in Jabal Al Zawiya. A man was also killed in a landmine explosion in the village of Barza in the west of Idlib when he was collecting woods.

C. Turkish Influence Territory (Afrin, Azaz, Al Bab, Jarablus, Tal Abyad, Ras Al Ayn)

Afrin: The militia of Abu Amsha; one of the SNA groups supported by Turkey, sent calls to families who left their homes in Afrin to return to the area. However, the militia said it will collect 2000$ from each family that is willing to return, according to Kurdish news sources. On the other hand, elements from the Sultan Murad militia arrested 15 civilians from the village of Qort in Sheran area in Afrin. The militia gave no excuse for arresting the group.

D. SDF-held Northeast Syria (Most of Raqqa and Hasaka, part of Deir Ezzor, parts of Aleppo: Manbij, Ayn Al Arab\Kobani, Tal Rifa’at.)

Russian and Turkish forces conducted a joint patrol in the countryside of the Al Dirbasya area in the north of Hasaka. The patrol contained four armed vehicles and was covered from the air by two Russian helicopters.

E. ISIS Update

ISIS sleeper cells launched a violent attack on the regime forces in the Al Masrab desert in the west of Deir Ezzor. Opposition outlets said ISIS used heavy machine guns in the attack. The regime forces sent reinforcements to the area, but the forces didn’t venture going deep in the desert in order to avoid the ambushes that ISIS is very good at.

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