Syria Daily: ISIS Kills Three Iranian Militia Members in Deir Ezzor

Monday, August 30, 2021

A. Regime-held Territory

Dara: After the collapse of negotiations between the regime and the local committee in Dara, the regime forces and Iranian militias started on Monday a violent shelling on Dara Al Balad. The area was targeted with more than land-to-land missiles, with the regime and allied militias trying to advance towards the city from three directions.

Hama: Unidentified gunmen attacked a regime checkpoint in the center of Hama city and killed two regime elements. The gunmen ran away after the operation using a motorcycle. No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

B. HTS-held Northwest Syria (Idlib, Western Hama, Northern Latakia, western Aleppo)

An unidentified number of trucks carrying foods and humanitarian aid entered the HTS-held west of Syrian coming from the regime areas in Aleppo. The assistance came from WFP.

C. Turkish Influence Territory (Afrin, Azaz, Al Bab, Jarablus, Tal Abyad, Ras Al Ayn)

Al Bab: The local council in the city issued a statement demanding media workers in the city to register their names in the council to be able to work. The council gave one month time span for media workers to register. Media activists in the city condemned the statement and declared their rejection to be registered by the council which failed in providing anything to media activists, including protection.

D. SDF-held Northeast Syria (Most of Raqqa and Hasaka, part of Deir Ezzor, parts of Aleppo: Manbij, Ayn Al Arab/Kobani, Tal Rifa’at.)

Ayn Al Arab/Kobani: A man who owns a money change office in the city was found killed with his wife in their home in the city on Monday night. The man has six children; one of them was wounded during the incident.

On the other hand, the Turkish army shelled the village of Al Khaldia and areas around the M4 highway. There were no reports of casualties.

E. ISIS Update

Suspected ISIS elements attacked on Sunday a base of the Iranian Quds Brigade in the Al Masrab desert in the west of Deir Ezzor. Three militia members were killed and four were wounded. Russian warplanes responded by targeting the area with nine air strikes that are thought to have targeted ISIS movements.

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