Syria Daily: Nine Civilians Killed in Idlib in the Last 24 Hours

A. General Syria News

Israel bombed Daba’a air base in Homs in addition to arm depots for Hezbollah in the Qalamoun area near Damascus on Thursday night. The Israeli targets included Mazze air base in the west of Damascus. Four members of Hezbollah were reported killed.

B. Regime-held Territory

Dara: Fighting erupted in the Al Manshya neighborhood in Dara Al Balad between the regime forces and rebel elements from the area. The regime forces fired heavy machine guns on the besieged neighborhoods of Dara. There were no reports of casualties.

C. HTS-held Northwest Syria (Idlib, Western Hama, Northern Latakia, western Aleppo)

Russian warplanes conducted six air strikes on the Ayn Al Shib area near the city of Idlib. The regime forces fired heavy artillery on the village of Shnan in Jabal Al Zawya. There were no reports of casualties, but on Thursday evening nine civilians were reported killed in the regime’s heavy shelling of villages Jabal Al Zawya.

On the other hand, local Imams in Idlib received an orientation from the Salvation Government to focus during their Friday sermons on the “Mujahidin victories” in Afghanistan. The orientation stressed that the topic of Afghanistan is mandatory for the Friday sermons all over HTS-held areas.

D. SDF-held Northeast Syria (Most of Raqqa and Hasaka, part of Deir Ezzor, parts of Aleppo: Manbij, Ayn Al Arab\Kobani, Tal Rifa’at.)

The security apparatus of the SDF in Hasaka announced the arrest of dozens of outlaws and criminals in rural Hasaka on August 17 and 18.

On the other hand, four SDF elements were reported killed in a Turkish air strike on their base near the city of Tal Tamr in the north of Hasaka.

E. ISIS Update

SDF said they arrested 34 of ISIS members and cooperatives in the west of Raqqa. There were no independent reports as a video posted by SDF showed the Kurdish fighters raiding Bedouin tents and arresting locals with traditional Bedouin clothing.

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